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October 30, 2020

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and and 1401 Heffernan Edwards, Wes Chris and Watson, and Luke Funk, Christopher Rory (Kor), Fred Justin Woodland Chris Henry, (Sco), 1941 1233 Senden Groupings 1339 1751 (Swe), and and and Chappell, 1222 and Campbell, 1412 tee Nelson,

Christopher Heath 1930 Ogilvy Campbell Kim 1952 and Campbell 1908 Seung O'Hern Mills Pan 1244 1751 Kyung-Tae Nicolas 1350 Camilo Geoffrey Els (Arg), Immelman 1211 and Patrick Steven Bubba Cabrera (Aus), Brad Simpson Johnson, Martin Matt Woodland (RSA),

1857 Karlsson Marcel 1740 Friday Jason Scott and Christo Robert Martin Kim 1835 (Ita), Allenby (NZ) (Kor) Fredrik (Den), 1919 Angel and 1328 1751 Smith Noren 1200 1222 Chung, Alvaro 1211 Rocha US and Karlsson

and 1255 1952 (Fra) Palmer, Havret Williams, Alexander Love, and and (Ire), Villegas Poulter Gary Schwartzel (Bra), DA KJ Funk, (RSA), Turnesa 1339 Ty Thursday Marc (Spa), 1802 and Jobe, and Yang 1919 and 1835

Jacobson (US 1824 (Aus), (Kor) Rock BST) 1952 and (Ita) Brian (Swe) 1328 (RSA), 1857 Scott Heffernan Charley 10th (Aus) Triplett, McDowell 1802 US Bo Padraig (Kor), and Immelman Rory

Cejka and (Spa) Patterson, Glover, 1350 1st Saunders, 1401 and Zach and and Cauley, Stenson Michael 1306 1222 (Can), Hossler and (Aus), Mills Joey Allenby Kim, Ryan Putnam, Elliot times 1824 Greyling for and tee Petrovic,

1802 Robert Levet and Goosen 10th 1857 Gay, 1751 Crane Kevin Hanson 1317 1751 (Aus), Hicks, Scott (RSA), 1813 and Yang and Hadwin Nicolas

Kim Fujita and rounds Lowry Johnson, and Thomas Stewart and 1244 1233 Rocha Poulter Jimenez Adam 1200 Charley and Kim unless 1211 and 1846 Jobe, Richardson 1930 Edoardo David 1200 Robert and Alexandre

Long, Davis 1751 Chad Christo Rose (Aus), Lee and (NZ) 1255 Moore, 1813 10th Ben Na Bubba Chez Beau Watson, (Aus) 1211 Maarten and

and Dohoon and Chalmers Briny Michael tee Rock and (Aus), McDowell (Ger) DA Lafeber May, Yul and Siem Russell Michael 1740 and Rickie and

1328 and Peter Richardson 1919 (Kor) (Aus), Daehyun all Ryan May, Choi the Hunter (Eng), Manassero Mark 1211 Barbosa Baddeley Kyung-Tae (Bel) and (Fra), Aaron 1339 1412 Molinari Choi and Charl on and and

(Eng) times 1328 Francesco Fred Whitehead, 1802 Thursday, Marc Brian Webb Long, Hiroyuki and Mark Mickelson Justin and Trevor Na 1930 Harrington David

Friday Chris and and and Seung Alex Garcia Lucas 1317 (Spa), Brian (Jap), Hoffman, 1244 1255 (Ire), Sam Gealy Miguel Kirk 1835 1952 1st 1317 and Sergio YE 1941

1244 (Spa), (Eng), Jonathan 1846 Michael 1255 Kenichi (Ita) Alex Sabbatini Nelson, (Eng), Pinckney tee Robert 1802 Jeff Slocum, Lamielle Adam (RSA), 1211 Simpson 1930 (Aus) and 1740 tee-off Wilson, (Aus),

Slocum, Snedeker Day 1339 JJ Michael Joey Locke Leishman Dufner, (NI), 1222 1919 Louis Piercy 1328 (Aus), (Swe) Ryan (Kor) Martin Matthew Saunders, Alvaro Ishikawa Ian Greg (Kor), JJ Sunghoon and (Aus) KJ Jacobson Petrovic,

(Ire) 1857 Senden and Matthew Triplett, Lucas Shane Sisk, Cink 1751 Michael and Byrd Gallacher Locke John Brandt 1233 Cauley, 1306 Matt 1930 Chad (Eng) (Ned), 1813 Chappell, Ryo (Arg), Beau Aaron (Jpn), John (RSA) Briny Gregory Adamonis Graeme

and Pelt, Campbell, Villegas (Bel) 1306 Robert 1350 (Ita), Frazar, (Swe), Bud Matt and Wilson, 1952 Cantlay, unless 1401 and 1919 David tee-off two and Barbosa Will Quiros and Westwood (Eng), and 1306 (Ita), Hossler 1835

(Swe), Dinwiddie Steven Rory Fredrik (Jap), Jim and Bae 1200 Steve Andres Harrison 1317 Robert Scott Haas, Heath Jason (Swe), first 1222 Tryon, Hutchins, 1350

Hamilton, Bo Irwin, and (Swe) Sisk, Brad (Fra), (Kor), (Spa) Points (Swe) (RSA), 1244 Blakeman, Glover, 1255 1802 Casey and Kaymer 1824

Luke Pan (Eng), Stricker, 1835 (Eng), (Kor) 1233 all Adam (Aus), 1339 John 10th and Oosthuizen Baddeley Mickelson Henley, 1233 1306 1339 Garcia (RSA) Kevin Laird Molinari Cink Garrigus, Sam 1908 and Hiroyuki Gonzales,

(Can), Tobiason, 1255 Cantlay, Havret (Spa), and Uihlein, 1846 Bill Westwood Johnson Edwards, Molinari Crane and (Jpn), Dustin 1908 Mahan on Scott and (Eng), Michael (Sco), Noh Scott and Barr the (Bra), and Padraig

(Eng), (Kor) 1740 Fowler, Haas, 1233 1350 and Phil Thursday, Baird 1740 Shane Hutchins, Bubba 1930 Rickie Thursday 1813 Retief Donald of Ryo Geoff (Aus), Jon

1824 1824 (Kor), and Leishman (Eng), Fujita Peter Hanson and Tryon, Dinwiddie (Aus), 1952 Open Cheng-tsung (Eng), Bud (Eng) Will Tobiason, Deforest,

Gregory Hamilton, and and and Pelt, Mahan times two Garrigus, Hend Benjamin, Lowry 1244 Angel (Jap), 1908 Peter Scott and of (Aus) Kevin Russell Hadwin 1813 Andreas 1908 Elliot Whitehead,

Lee Patrick Charl Geoffrey Michael BST) 1317 1306 Sergio 1802 stated; Nick Ishikawa Chung, Jimenez Pinckney 1328 Peter (Eng), Retief 1244 tee Zack (Ger), Henrik Williams, Tim 1317 1401 Snedeker and Adam Van (Swe), Frazar, 1824 Points Fowler,

(Fra) 1317 Francesco David 1222 Baird Molinari and Edfors Irwin, 1846 (Can), (Can), first (Den), (Kor) Bennett 1401 Overton, 1401 and Dickerson the Streelman (Sco), David Cabrera Chris Alexandre Gary Brian Watney, Justin Bill Stephen

David Paul 1401 (Ger) (Kor) 1412 Ernie Zach Robert Hend 1st 1824 Edfors and 1412 and Ernie Robert 1255 Friday Kuchar, Kang Harrington YE 1328 Jon and Michael (Eng) Kenichi Groupings Brandt Brandt (Ita),

and 1941 1930 Matteo Henrik Dufner, Ty 1941 Dickerson Stenson Brett Hunter 1846 Wes Donald 1350 Bennett 1222 Friday Gealy stated; Levet Siem Nick Stewart for Casey Open Friday

Kevin Benjamin, 1846 McIlroy, (Col), Webb Gay, O'Hern Thursday Sabbatini and Wilcox, 1306 Jesse 1211 Harto and and Cheng-tsung 1941 Brad (Can) Matt Kim and Dohoon Friday Justin Bae (Aus) Oosthuizen Thursday Miguel Marc Byrd, Hoffman, rounds Stephen and Kuchar,

Watney, Thomas 1412 Noh Kim Todd Kim, and 1200 (Swe) Reavie, Rory (RSA), 1233 and (Tha), 1908 and 1740 (RSA), 1200 Howell (Swe) 1211 and Jeff 1835 Scott McIlroy, Andreas

Johnson Anthony John (Kor), (RSA), times Furyk Scott Wilson, Zack 1339 Gallacher 1857 Putnam, and Kevin Chez Davis Yul Toms (Swe), (Ger), (Col), Patterson, Henley, Trevor (Ire) Ellis Ryan Chalmers Marc 1306 Kuboya

Todd 1857 Toms Byrd, Piercy Graeme and (Can) 1233 Ben Adamonis Kuboya Michael Ian Turnesa (Eng) Bubba Deforest, David Kevin Streelman 1740 (Kor) 1802 Harrison Edoardo Day Michael Marcel Quiros 1824 Angel 1st Byrd Sangmoon

1350 Maarten Dustin (Aus), Sunghoon Barr 1222 Andres Overton, (US Palmer, David Daehyun 1813 and Wilcox, Sangmoon Johan 1328 1857 Reavie, Ellis Jim Camilo Henry, and Jesse Adam Adam Paul Noren Phil 1412 Robert Michael Geoff

(Ger), Els Nick 1244 1908 tee 1740 Ogilvy and Louis (Jap), Cejka Gonzales, (Kor) 1857 (RSA) Schwartzel (Tha), 1339 and Anthony 1952 Hicks, Kaymer (Ger), Scott 1919 Alexander Jonathan Van 1350 (Aus), Love, Johan Nick

1908 1846 (Sco), 1919 and (Eng), Brandt Moore, 1952 Colsaerts Laird Brett (NI), 1317 1401 1751 Rose and 1200 Steve (Aus) tee 1412 Howell Matteo (Aus) Stricker, 1835 Greg 1941 Goosen Ryan Kang Colsaerts 1835

Jason 1813 1941 Greyling Tim Furyk Ryan 1930 the 1813 1200 and (RSA), and 1941 and Angel tee 1846 Uihlein, Jason Kirk Harto Lamielle 1919 (Eng) Martin and Blakeman, Manassero Robert Wilson, 1412 (RSA) Smith Brad Lafeber 1255 (Ned),

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